The Dream Continues

It’s been a while since I was able to discuss the dream. Now, I am renewed in vigor and purpose, and the dream continues. Soon, the word will go out to the world, a call for those who would help build the dream. Core course developers will be secured from across the globe to bring the dream to reality in the form of practical courses for those seeking to increase their knowledge and skills in five diverse areas of studies (yes, it’s blossomed a bit!). There are discussions about beginning one School, then another….

I once worked for a major printer manufacturer. We did not choose to create one printer, then another. Our view was much larger. We simultaneously released an entire family of printers (6 models) on the same day, world-wide. It was a much more difficult plan, thought by many inside the firm to be entirely too ambitious (which is what fired my passion!) for reasonable release. We did it, and that family of printers remains today as one of the most wildly successful releases ever known.

I know they are there. They are waiting, hoping that someone will allow them to create the educational model for the 21st Century. It is wonderful to get this phase going. It will be difficult, tiresome, and frustrating. I know that. But, in the end, we will have a better product, in each School, for those who will benefit most from them: the one product we can somewhat control, and find to be our very best advertising moving forward into the future: our student/graduates.

I look forward to that reality. Now is the time. The product has never been needed more, and our future students await our determination. Let us begin. Let us see what we shall see, shall we?


Indeed! We shall!


A Knot Unravelled, The Plan Becomes Clear

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There has been three solid years of research that has gone into creating Last night, I was able to write out the organizational chart (Macro). There had been something missing, and not only did I not know what it was, but I also didn’t know where to put (whatever it was)i into the org chart. Last night, I did.

I didn’t even know I was writing it! After I had “vomited” out the chart (how it usually goes, I just got my brain out-of-the-way!) I went back and read it. It was perfect! Let me explain.

For this project to work, it has to work as a growing business online. It is exclusively internet driven, you see. I have learned through my research how online businesses-good and bad-work. It has been a struggle. There is just so much garbage trying to pass itself off as legitimate business that the struggle has become overload. I gave it a rest after some three solid years of research, you understand.

In the process, and especially of late, I have been “de-cloaking“, and have made some serious friendships with other internet marketers. As silly as it may seem, the truth arrived-as it usually does-in a simple revelation. The business, to succeed, has to understand the market it will find., Grand Organ Productions LLC, TOSCA and all to follow MUST be driven by the internet. Therefore, it must  succeed and survive in the internet world. That world has poor quality in it. My search was extended because it took me so long to link up with legitimate, moral businesses that are not only surviving, but thriving online. Some of them are even related to my businesses. Some “guru” types are not, but most serious internet marketers are completely legitimate, serious business people, making serious money online. Without knowing it, perhaps, they are marketing educational products! “How to….” is a huge bucket of internet marketing liquidity. It may be about how to make money online (and believe me, it is!), but it is successful. I needed to hook into that success somehow. Lately, I have. And, I cannot tell you how absolutely stoked about it I am!

I am an internet marketer. I make no apologies for that. The internet is the future home of my dream come to life. I now understand much more of how success happens on the internet. Now I am ready to begin bringing my businesses to the world-wide web in an honest, legitimate way. I just couldn’t be more excited! now has a reason to exist beyond the support function for the other enterprise groups, and it is pure internet marketing! The same products, services, and programs you can so easily find online will now be sold through Our internet marketing team will function as pure internet marketers, presenting affiliate programs, as well as “pure” (home-grown) products worthy of the task. This is above and beyond the courses, events, and everything else we can offer through

I hope you will buckle your belt, hold the bar, and journey with us as we bring and all it represents, to the world-wide web. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride, bucko!

Or, should I say,


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The Layout-Part I

The current plan is to immediately create a minimum of four (4) companies. Each company will have a particular focus and purpose, all of which are  controlled by one umbrella operation. That umbrella company will be to support the other companies, research and carry out other business opportunities that may, or may not directly relate to the other companies. Think of the Solar System for a moment. The planets are surrounding the Sun. Some are closer than others, but all the planets do depend on the Sun for their existence.

The corporate functions are by the parent organization, known as If you do a search on the internet, you will see a plethora of activities around this name. There are many websites, many of which are dormant at this time to protect and keep the name. It’s proprietary, you see.

On paper, it makes really good sense. Combining the “back office” functions of each company does give centralized support and service, but not control per se. I suppose that’s not true, because each company is a child of the parent; the parent is always the parent. It is as true in business as it is in personal life.

Such things as Public Relations, Marketing and Sales, Finance, Accounting, Personnel, etc. are functions of any good company. The corporate culture of is unique to us. Boiler-plating success is not a bad thing, but we also highly want people who are forward-thinking, visionary, entrepreneurial, and possessed with the success of That must translate effectively to each subsidiary company, within their own unique dynamics.

Collecting those persons is  tough. My standards are really high. I’ve done enough of this to know what my best skills are. One of them has been rightly described as “putting square pegs into square holes”. I’d like to believe that will be as true for this effort as it has been historically. Many will want a part of this enterprise, but few find it. From the top to the bottom, the selections come from a template of the highest possible quality, success, and dedication to the corporate vision of

Information Technologies are (or will be) created from scratch because of the needs of the corporation. One reason for this is that the entire operation will be internet-driven. Each company will give its goods and services entirely from the websites. The companies are so varied that finding commonality or shared functionality between them will be difficult at best. There may have to be some “bending” of ideals to make it all fit. Customization is a premium option that we will use as often as is reasonably and financially possible.

I once worked for LexMark–the printer company. Every printer manufacturer in the world had released a new version of their printer. LexMark, however, set out to release an entire family of printers simultaneously, world-wide. I and my team worked very hard to make that dream a reality. We did it, too. That is how I see this enterprise. Yes, everyone has an internet business. But, an entire enterprise, completely operated on-line? Never, and certainly not with the innovations that are, or will be developed for the operations that will use them.

I’ve spent the past four years in pure scientific research, marketing, sales, advertising, education, software, and website building investigation to find what I believe will work for this enterprise. As people come on board, I will need their advice. Something might work well, but will it work best? If not, what will? Can we make it better? Of course, the best question will be “Can we make it proprietary?

I like this one, too.

In my next post, I will focus on, the parent organization. It will be mostly dry, technical, corporate kinds of stuff. But, if you pay attention, you may see something quite surprising in it: yourself.

I’d like to believe so. I’ll look forward to your responses. If I can help, or answer any questions, just let me know.


The Dream Begins to Become Reality

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After more than two years of research, preparation, planning, and frustration, today the dream takes the first steps toward reality. I’m stoked. I hope you will be, too.

I have begun creating the home website for The Online School for Creative Arts (TOSCA). It is very basic, but there are 27 connected websites that make this page possible. Now, I have committed to myself to make this dream a reality. There are tons of challenges to be met.

Right now, I have the problem of finding the very best educational talent to join, create, develop, test, and present the more than 150 courses the schools are planned to present. How do you sell someone on a dream? If they clearly understand the goal, and can see themselves IN it, the sell is easier. Wide open opportunity to create what you want, as you want, using the most current and dynamic educational software available on the market today. That can be intimidating for anyone, much less a professional educator.

But, beyond the teaching talent profile, these folks need to clearly understand  and accept the concept of TOSCA. The premier online learning opportunity for students of Creative Writing, Creative Music, and Creative Faith Studies will pull many different types of people who wish to give to the success of the schools. But, how do I find them? Dreamers, currently working educators with a passion to create study courses their way, that are relevant to those people looking for an alternative education to the “brick and mortar” alternatives they have, with a prohibitive cost to boot. Can these idealogues work within a 12 week limit, yet creatively present even something as dry and mundane as basic English Grammar? Will they dare to spread their wings, and create from a “clean screen” the course of a lifetime. Will the discounted / free prices work for testing the work of these dreamers?

One theory says that “if you build it, they will come.” I am, to a small degree, trusting that theory. Yet, it will be the very best of the best who will lead this dream to the reality it deserves. I see working professors who want a creative outlet, creative license, and enough income to prove the time such course development requires, especially within the confines of the software we are providing. But, there are more than 1,500 students who have participated in the “lab tests” that A-1 gave me. I know the educational product they got worked very well.

I am so excited to begin this project. It will revolutionize learning, and especially online learning. This is a much more difficult type of learning I think. Perhaps I’ll write a tutorial on that in my next post. In the meantime, if you are a classic dreamer with passion, dedication, creativity, and the dream of creating it right, please let me know. I’ve got more than 150 courses to get in the catalogue.

Good luck on your journey. I’m having a riot on mine.


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The Journey Begins!

I have spent the greatest part of the last year doing research–on just about everything that could even tangentially touch on the entire concept of creating an online business. Sales, marketing, email subscriptions, membership sites, forums, Web sites, eCommerce, … it’s a very long list.

But, from the mush comes (finally) the germ of a plan. This one’s going to take some time, but at least for now I have a clear idea of how to begin. Having the opportunity to include every available option on a super site is enticing, but just a whole lot more than one person can do. So, I will do what I can, and let the results dictate future actions.

We will begin slowly, and surely with what we know. To that end, I have created an “umbrella” corporation called

One of the new logo ideas for the "umbrella" company.

Logo 1

This is the first of two logo ideas for the new corporation’s online presence. There is another one that I like too:

The second logo idea for the "umbrella" Corporation

Logo 2

Both logos speak well of the corporation, but I’m just not sure which one should be the initial image. The first one is very personal to me, while the second one is a bit more of the “flash” and “splash” suggested for logos on an online business–something people will remember. Personally, I think that requirement would be met with either logo. There may be more to come. We’ll do a survey on the site to see what your feelings are on the subject.

The first corporation under this headquarters company is Grand Organ Productions LLC. This activity, a paid membership site, will be the main entry point for all members of the site. The focus of this site will be the publication of the titles the company creates or procures from its resident author/artists. It is a music-related site that will focus on the music publications, and the presentation of the Grand Organ International Pipe Organ Competition. This is a simultaneous, online, world-wide musician’s competition for all levels of performer and instrumentation. Keyboard players only will have the opportuntiy to prove their talent through local state/territory/province, regional, and national competitions. Ten finalists will be invited to compete in concert upon one of the Grand Organs featured in The Grand Organ Mysteries fiction series. The winner will be artist-in-residence with GOPLLC for one year, with cash prize and performance/concert series’ being provided by us. Music recordings, books, photos, and other SWAG will be sold through the GOPLLC bookstore. Members will have their own special incentives to belong, including such things as their own private forums, newsletters, discounts, special announcements of upcoming events, and special invitations to GOPLLC sponsored events.

Logo 1 for GOPLLC

This is the original logo concept for GOPLLC

This particular image has been used by GOPLLC as the identifying image since the corporation’s inception. It is one of two that we currently have to consider as our company logo. It is actually a photograph taken of the front pipe facade at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France–the location and instruments featured in the first novel in the Grand Organ Mysteries series, “The Notre Dame Concert (Opus I)”

This is the second image being considered for our logo.

Logo 2 for GOPLLC

This is the second logo to be considered for our official logo. It, too was created by Mr. Doug Odom of Nashville, Tennessee. It does represent many important parts of our existence, and combines important aspects of our third company.

The third company under our corporate umbrella is known as The Online Schools of Creative Arts (T.O.S.C.A.) 

Logo 1

T.O.S.C.A. Logo 1

This membership/fee site will provide the most exciting, dynamic, and highest quality educational opportunity on the internet today. For the adult online learner, T.O.S.C.A. will concentrate on three distinctive creative opportunities. Creative Writing, Music, and Faith Studies will all be completely separate–yet complete programs of study within their own dependent school identity. Over 90 courses have been initially identified as necessary to bring this activity to it’s first full iteration. The software has been developed, the test sites are being beaten to death right now, and we are so excited about this opportunity it is all we can do not to show it to everyone right now. We will be sending updates on progress via newsletters to all who wish to enroll as a subscriber to the newsletter. You can subscribe on the site. Right now, there is no fee for the newsletter. That will change at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Many important announcements will be forthcoming in the near future. I hope you will stay tuned. Consider the possibilities, and if you would like to participate in any of our company activities, please let me know via email or comment to this entry.

A goal without a plan is nothing more than a dream. Dreams that are supposed to be need a clear plan, with goals that are within the definition WE give them. For, goals must be:

  1. Conceiveable
  2. Believeable
  3. Achieveable
  4. Defineable
  5. Measureable
  6. Controllable

Every idea at must be clearly identified by each of these six requirements.

You cannot image (or, if you can, let me know!) the logistics and myriad other requirements to make these activities real. A team is working tirelessly as I write this to bring these and other dreams to life. These programs are OUR characters, and we believe they do deserve to come to life. Planners, judges, sponsors, partners, teachers, developers, testers, teams of specialists all will have to be created for these programs to work effectively.

We will be highlighting our beginning team in future newsletters. Perhaps we could be highlighting your contributions in the near future.

It’s a large project. In fact, this is a project larger than I am. As I told you in an earlier post, that is the kind of dream I can latch onto and run with. I’m used to success. This will be a test of the greatest order. But, I do love a good challenge; especially when it seems that it doesn’t stand a chance of being done. Oh, what fun!



Changes Galore!

Unfortunately, the changes referenced refer to this Blog only!

Today, I received a notification from WordPress that the Spam-Blocker feature incorporated into this Blog has captured some 219 spam messages within the past 24 hours.  Fortunately, they were caught without passing through to the Comments Box where they seemed to be headed! I must do something to further protect the work, and the readers from this terrible blight upon “Citizen Journalists”–well, at least those who journey here from time to time.

Therefore, I have changed the interactivity of this Blog to registered members only. It is my understanding that you do not need a WordPress account to comment. But you will need to register for this Blog in order to leave comments if you are NOT a WordPress member.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Perhaps, if you send a “love note” to the “spammer de jour“, this might no longer be necessary. Send me a letter/email if you have trouble getting in, and I will do what I can to help you. Having to re-establish an entire community is just a bit of a chore, but I do believe it to be well worth the effort.

On to other matters:

There has been, for some four years now, a dream formulating itself in my mind. For the greater part, it has (this dream, that is) taken on a substance which would best be likened to a bowl of very stringy Spaghetti.  Two nights ago, I was day-dreaming at the computer. I looked over to the wall behind my couch, and suddenly, the picture changed from a bowl of very stringy Spaghetti to a complete organizational structure.

It was in color. It was crystal clear. In that moment, I knew:

♦      It was a complete picture, in full color,

♦      it was not only the dream fulfilled, but a dream that will last beyond anyone who will work to bring it to life (a dream bigger than my capabilities alone),

♦      it was confirmation that my dream was accurate, and it was my permission to proceed with the project, and

♦      all the time spent in research, planning, and design has paid off in a big way!

I have had such moments as this before in my life. Lest you conclude I am but the victim of optical hallucinations, please let me disabuse you of that notion immediately. The years spent doing the legwork only pay off when properly done. (A strong life lesson for all you dreamers out there, by the way!)

Well, I obviously believe all this to the point that I have changed the title of this Blog, now haven’t I!!

There have been strong suggestions that I keep this project “under my hat”, lest someone who would do me ill attempt to hijack this dream. Others have said that the plan should remain unknown, for now. It would be a shame, they say, if someone else brought this project to market before I do.

These are reasonable concerns, and especially in light of recent events in my life. I have listened to the counsel given me, but have concluded that I will NOT keep this project secret.  Weighing the alternatives, I am choosing to make the journey to this project not only public, but one that invites your participation.

These are my reasons:

1. I have been accused of having ulterior motives for my work in the recent past.

My belief is that my actions clearly followed then (as they will in the future) those motives, purposes, and intentions which I had clearly stated prior to carrying them out. That will be the case as this project moves forward, as well. Too much depends on it.

My motives, plans, purposes, and methods will be published–here. They will be on view for anyone who cares to check their facts before attempting to destroy my work, my word, or my character. Future attempts will be met with imediate legal action. Once is too much. I will not brook a second attempt–by anyone. I have no problem being held accountable for my work; in fact, the success of this project depends almost entirely upon it.

Just don’t come calling without doing the necessary homework! I’ve done mine; you do yours.

2. This project depends upon open communication between ALL participants, not just “the chosen“.

I unwillingly became a part of what can only be called a conspiracy in my previous work. Friends tried, in vain, to advise me of this. I was not willing to believe it, even when the evidence was directly in front of my face. I knew, coming in, that cliques had been established, loyalties determined, and there were those who were “in“, and those who were not. I tried to overcome this with open communication, honesty, and constant invitations to participate for all parties involved (stakeholders). I was even willing to be the “scapegoat“, for the greater good. Among my many failings was my failure to fully recognize the “structure” in place, and my (or anyone else, for that matter) inability to inculcate a greater purpose than the small thinking permeating the entire activity.

That truth was the failure of the activity’s owner, not mine. This project will NOT suffer a repeat of that truth. The next project will use equality, professionalism, mutual respect, and common purpose to a shared vision, mission, and purpose which will lift us all to a greater reality. Or, it will not exist at all. I believe the very best things come only from the very best intentions. There are enough difficulties in life already. I do not intend (or intend to allow) borrowed trouble even before this project is birthed. If I do live up to this expectation of myself, others will follow my example. That too is a truth of life. One need only look at the product to see the intent of the creator.

3. This project is not “new“.

There are countless competitors available to contend with a successful project. It is not what the project is that makes it unique. It is how we will acomplish the project that will make it (I believe) not only the definition of excellence in the field, but will make it entirely successful as well. I already own the exclusive rights to that methodology, technology, etc. required to make the project a reality, so industrial espionage is not an issue any more with secrecy than with open operation. This reality is, in fact, a pretty fair portion of what I bring to the project. I was willing to share it with others. What I got for that kindness was a very nearly successful, malicious, and purposeful personal destruction of my livelihood! That won’t happen again.

I am older now. The idea of midnight assignations in dark parking-lot corners, with secret codewords no longer holds (yeah, right!) the romance for me that it might once have. The only reason rats infest, or roaches contest, is because of darkness. This project will have none. If you don’t like it, it will be only because you know what it is that you do not like. That’s fair. To bad-mouth someone else’s work simply because it is THEIR work is a skill held dear by others; not by me.

For these, and other reasons, this project will be open to public discussion, debate, ridicule, admonition, and participation,  Now that I have seen it in it’s completed state, I  now know how to make the first steps towards it being born. With these responses, I have done so. In the next entry, I will give a name to this project, and tell you just a little bit about what it will be. I hope you will choose to come along on what can only be described as a Grand Adventure!

Soli Deo Gloria!